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La Crêpière vous propose des préparations de pâte à crêpes,
galettes de sarrasin, gaufres & pancakes prêtes à l’emploi.

Our history


Taught for several generations within our family in Brittany, a know-how as well as two recipes (wheat pancakes and buckwheat pancakes) allowed us to move abroad and open Le Monde des crêpes in Verbier in 1973, the first crêperie from Switzerland!


In addition to these two original recipes, we have developed a recipe for waffles & pancakes as well as two spreads, a salted butter caramel and a salted butter & hazelnut caramel.


Appreciated by the greatest number, our recipes are undoubtedly among the best.


Today, we have decided to market them.


Thus under the brand "La Crêpière" we have created a range that will allow you to integrate our know-how into your kitchen.


Presented in the form of dehydrated powder, our products are made without preservatives, flavor enhancers and coloring agents. In addition, our buckwheat pancake mix is certified gluten-free and lactose-free.


The dehydrated ingredients are used by renowned pastry chefs and cooks, they do not lose their nutritional value or their taste quality and have the advantage of being preserved.


Of high quality, our products have no equivalent on the market. All our secrets are in the sachets, all you have to do is mix everything with a little cold water.

Now you have the opportunity to cook with real traditional recipes.

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